Buddhism originated in India about 2600 years ago. After the Buddha gained Enlightenment at the age of 35, He spent 45 years sharing His Teachings throughout North India. During His eighty years alive (and especially after He gained Enlightenment), many locations became important Buddhist sites, and today Buddhist pilgrimage destinations.

Immediately after the passing of the Buddha, His foremost disciples convened the First Buddhist Council to record and codify His Teachings. The second Buddhist Council was held 100 years later in the town of Vaishali, another city He frequented. The third Buddhist Council was held in Pataliputra (Patna), during the reign of Emperor Ashoka (268 BC-239 BC). The Fourth Buddhist Council was held at Kashmir, in the time of Emperor Kanishka (127 AD- 141 AD.) He

After more than a thousand years of dominance and influence on the Indian subcontinent, Buddhism eventually died out due to various reasons, including invasions and rise of other faiths. Over time, Buddhism and Buddhist sites eventually became forgotten and abandoned in India.

Revival of the Buddhist faith came with excavations and archaeological digs by British explorers and scientists. Many phenomenal discoveries. In the 19th century, the British archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham excavated numerous Buddhist monuments. In 1891, the Sri Lankan scholar Anagarika Dharmapala launched the Mahabodhi Society of India at Bodhgaya. Since then, the Archaeological Survey of India has been responsible for an endless range of excavations. In fact, new excavations are leading to new 'finds' even today. That is why every important Buddhist spot has a site museum, which exhibits a huge range of Buddhist artefacts.


Today, the following are recognized as major destinations for Buddhist pilgrims seeking to follow the footsteps of the Buddha:

  • Lumbini (Nepal) – where the Buddha was born
  • Bodhgaya (Bihar, India) – where the Buddha gained Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree
  • Sarnath (in Uttar Pradesh, India) – where the Buddha gave the First Sermon
  • Kushinagar (in Uttar Pradesh, India) – where the Buddha entered Parinirvana
  • Rajgir (in Bihar) – site where the Buddha gave many important sermons
  • Nalanda (in Bihar) – location of famous Buddhist university in medieval times
  • Kapilavastu (India/Nepal border) – where the Buddha spent His childhood and married life before renouncing to seek the Truth
  • Vaishali (in Bihar) – where the Buddha gave His last sermon
  • Sravasti (in Uttar Pradesh) – where the Buddha spent most of His life during rainy seasons at the Jetavan monastery (built by Anathapindika)


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Itinerary Summary:


The Buddhist Circuit Special Train is an exclusive air-conditioned train for Buddhist circuit destinations and does not carry passengers other than tourists booked for this special tour.

(Timings & details mentioned below are for your reference only. Actual journey time depends on the road conditions, railway track clearance etc. Please reconfirm timings with your Tour Manager / Tour Guide).


DAY 01 DAY 02 Day 03 Day 04 Day 05 Day 06 Day 07 Day 08 Day 09

Day 01 – SINGAPORE - DELHI (Lunch & dinner included)

SIN – DEL (Vistara Airlines), 09:30hrs – 12:45hrs (5hrs 45mins) – NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICING
Depart from Singapore to Delhi by flight. Have a day tour in Delhi with our tourist guide.
Rest for the day at hotel. (Overnight in hotel).

Day 02 – DELHI - GAYA (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

Join a morning tour in Delhi before boarding the Buddhist Circuit Special Train.
We will be boarding the train at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station. The train will depart for Gaya at
14:30hr (boarding starts at 13:30hr). Dinner will be served on-board.

Day 03 – GAYA – BODHGAYA (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

06:30hr – Morning tea and breakfast on-board.
10:30hr – Arrive in Gaya. We will depart for Bodhgaya by coach.
11:30hr – Check-in to hotel. Have lunch and rest.
14:30hr – Sightseeing at Bodhgaya (Mahabodhi Temple, Niranjana River and other Buddhist temples)
19:30hr – Dinner at hotel. Rest for the day. (Overnight in hotel).

Day 04 – BODHGAYA – RAJGIR – NALANDA - VARANASI (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

05:30hr – Breakfast at hotel
07:00hr – Check-out and proceed to Rajgir by coach
09:30hr – Arrival in Rajgir. You will be visiting Bimbimsara Jail, Gridhakut hill & Venuvan.
12:30hr – Lunch at hotel
13:30hr – Depart for Nalanda for sightseeing. Visit the ruins of Nalanda University & Nalanda Museum.
17:00hr – Depart for Gaya Railway Station and we will be arriving the station around 19:30hr.
20:00hr – Dinner will be served on-board during the journey to Varanasi.


Day 05 – VARANASI – SARNATH – RIVER GANGES – NAUTANWA (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

05:00hr – Morning tea and breakfast on-board.
06:00hr – Depart for Sarnath by coach (10km away), visit Dhamekh Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Ashokan Pillar and Mulgandha Kuti Vihar.
12:30hr – Lunch at hotel. Relax and rest.
17:00hr – Visit River Ganges. Enjoy the boat ride and observe the evening Aarti ceremony.
20:00hr – Back to train and depart for Nautanwa. After dinner, rest for the day.

Day 06 – NAUTANWA – LUMBINI (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

06:00hr – Morning tea and breakfast on-board.
07:00hr – Arrival in Nautanwa Railway Station. Proceed to Lumbini, Nepal by coach.
(Please bring along your passport and visa. If you need to apply the visa at the immigration, please prepare two passport sized photo for the application.)
11:30hr – Check-in at hotel and enjoy your lunch.
15:30hr – Sightseeing tour at Nepal. Visit Maya Devi Temple and Ashokan Pillar.
19:30hr – Dinner at hotel. Rest for the day. (Overnight in hotel).

Day 07 – LUMBINI – KUSHINAGAR – GORAKHPUR (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

05:00hr – Breakfast at hotel.
06:15hr – Check-out from hotel and depart for Kushinagar by coach.
12:30hr – Arrival at Kushinagar. Have lunch at hotel.
13:30hr – Visit Mahaparinirvan Temple, Rambhar Stupa, Mata Kutir Temple and other sites.
17:30hr – Depart for Gorakhpur by coach.
19:00hr – Arrival at Gorakhpur Railway Station. Back to the train and travel to Balrampur.
20:30hr – Dinner on-board. Rest for the day.

Day 08 – BALRAMPUR – SRAVASTI – BALRAMPUR – AGRA (Breakfast, lunch & dinner included)

04:00hr – Arrival at Balrampur Railway Station. | 05:30hr – Enjoy your morning tea on-board.
06:30hr – Depart for Sravasti by coach (15km)
07:30hr – Arrival at hotel. Enjoy your breakfast before the tour starts.
09:30hr – Sightseeing tour at Jetvana Vihara, Pakki Kuti and Sehat Mahet.
13:00hr – Lunch at hotel. Free and easy.
17:30hr – Travel back to Balrampur Railway Station
18:00hr – Arrival at Balrampur Railway Station.
18:30hr – Proceed to Agra (450km away). Dinner will be served on-board.

Day 09 – AGRA – DELHI (Breakfast & lunch included)

05:00hr – Enjoy your morning tea on-board. The train will stop by Agra City Railway Station.
07:00hr – Your breakfast will be served on-board.
08:00hr – Visit the world-famous Taj Mahal.
12:30hr – Travel back to Agra Cantt. Railway Station.
14:15hr – Depart for New Delhi by train and lunch will be served on-board.
16:00hr – Enjoy your evening tea on-board.
18:00hr – Arrival at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station.


After the Buddhist Circuit Special Train tour, proceed to airport.
DEL – SIN (Vistara Airlines) 23:45hrs – 08:15hrs (+1), 6 hrs – NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICING


Package Inclusions

  • Journey by exclusive Buddhist Circuit Train
  • Guided tour as per itinerary
  • Airport pickups and drop-offs
  • Transfers between places (with air-cond)
  • Guides and entrance fees
  • Excursions and meals as listed in the itinerary
  • Accommodations

Package Exclusions

  • All domestic and international flight tickets **
  • Travel insurance **
  • Indian/Nepal Visas**
  • Optional excursions
  • Tips (guides and drivers)
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Anything not mentioned in the above inclusion.  

(** can be arranged through us upon request)

All travellers are strongly encouraged to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance before departure.


Special Note:

  • Itineraries and scheduled departures are subject to approval from Ministry of Railways and may change without prior notice.
  • All bookings are on first come first served basis.
  • All bookings are subject to availability and confirmation.
  • It is the responsibility of all our customers to ensure that their travel documents have at least 6 months’ validity at the point of travel.
  • Any special requests such as special meals, dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, accommodation requirements, etc. shall be communicated to SOULTRIPS (BODHI TRAVEL) upon making reservations. Please note, however, that such requests are subject to availability and confirmation by SOULTRIPS (BODHI TRAVEL).