Bodhi (/ˈboʊdi/; Sanskrit: बोधि; Pali: bodhi) meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment"

In Buddhism, Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.


Have you ever gone to a place and wish that the tour guide was able to give you more information? Well, we do, and this is why we started Bodhi Travel Pte Ltd.

Bodhi Travel was set up with the objective of introducing visitors to Buddhist destinations and ensuring that our guests leave with a clear idea of Buddhism, Buddhist culture and information related to the Buddhist destinations.

We curate travel experiences to focus on Buddhist cultures, histories, heritages and philosophies. No two tours are the same as we will discuss with you on your aspirations and inspirations during your travels with us. Through our journeys together, we share and gain wisdoms for self-discovery, better living and a harmonious society.

If you like a fact-filled informative trip with discussions and elaboration, join us on our trips to unique destinations with deep Buddhist roots.


We want to be the best travel experience designer providing sustainable travel services


We encourage authentic and informative dialogues between our travellers and hosts so that we can be fellows along the learning journey

We curate wonderful travel products to showcase Buddhist heritage and culture so that the rich and unique aspects of each destination can be appreciated fully

We build a commercially, environmentally and culturally sustainable business so that Bodhi Travel is a valued contributor to society

We promote quality employment to ensure a happy workforce and create local prosperity through our activities

No Hidden Shopping Stop

Our tours do not have commission based shopping stop, we do not believe a perfect trip to require one

Complete Customization

Create your own special trip by adding short treks, upgrading your hotel stays, witnessing a festival, or speaking with members of the Sangha

We welcome everyone from all religions and cultures to join our tours!

So that we can all learn about Buddhism and its influence on the destinations that we are travelling. We believe that cross-cultural and inter-religious sharing of knowledge will lead to more understanding, better inter-personal relationships, and greater peace and harmony.